Ways To Wear a White Top During Fall Season

White tops

When nothing else makes sense, go with a clean slate, and nothing does that better than a classic white! 

There’s no single way of wearing a white top because the versatility of this color never limits the options. In fact, it’s safe to say that white is not just a color; it’s a style in itself. This flawless color can embolden to match modern tastes as much as it connotes simplicity. 

Here are some ways of adorning a white top with your outfit. 

Classic chic 

Nothing says classic chic better than a traditional white button down with crisp blue jeans and leather boots. Be it a cropped top or a short-length button down, a white shirt can add a sparkle to your look any day. Pair it with a contrasting jacket or flashy jewelry; nothing can steal the simple appeal of a monochromatic white top. 

Monochrome + animal print 

Bold and unabashed, the animal print presents an exoticism that can make you stand out for any occasion. Alternatively, you could choose to play it safe, if you’re not in the mood for something  adventurous, and go with a monochrome white shirt and that’ll be it. You’ll need nothing more, nothing less. 

Fall details 

Fall Clothing

White tees and blue jeans have long been the only safe outfit option that your hand reaches out for everyday. It’s true it takes considerable amount of thinking and experimentation to come to reach a consensus between your warring preferences. But let all your inhibitions go this fall and step out of your comfort zone to try new pairs. Be it with a chic, short leather skirt or an earthy green midi-skirt, your white top will look excellent with either. 

The basic pair 

When you talk about safe options, nothing matches the simplicity and timeless appeal of black and white. Take your inspiration from the duality of yin and yang or the binaries of dark and light; but nature is full of signs shipping these two colors as the perfect duo. Either black leather pants for a more club—appropriate look or black jeans for a casual get-up, any choice of bottoms in the color black will go with a white top! 

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