Prepare For Palazzos: How To Style Flowing Pants


It’s 2019 and palazzos are making a comeback in the fashion industry! Hardly a fashion shoot or runway performance goes by without dramatic displays of these flowing pants. Great for a chic, semi-formal look, palazzos are becoming a must-have for millennial wardrobes in coming times. 

It was first in the 60s and 70s that palazzos became all the rage. They’ve returned to lead fashion trends in 2019 after half a century! You can pick and choose colors and styles according to your tastes and look as ready as ever for any occasion. The best part about palazzos is that they’re versatile and can be worn to work as well as to casual meet ups. 

Signature Features of Flowing Pants 

These loose-cut pants offer every modern woman just the liberty she seeks in life and clothing. Loosely fit and non-clingy, palazzo pants allow you to swirl and move freely. Grace your look with these flaring pants and accent your ensemble with a trendy top to go with the overall look. 

Photo of Woman in Black Top and White Palazzo Pants Standing by Doorway Posing While Leaning on Wall and Her Leg Against Wall

These pants come in various styles. From pants that look more like a French-cut jeans to super loose pants that give the look of a dress more than two-legged bottoms. You can also pick between high waisted versions to low rise styles as both add a unique flare to your style. You’ll find either zip closures at the front of sides in slightly tapered styles, or drawstring waistlines in the loose ones. Hems can also be left free or be gathered to add a special detail to your outfit. 

Will They Suit Your Figure 

Palazzos have a loose flare that allows you to make your silhouette appear more appealing. It’s all about tricking the eye: pick out a longer style and pair it with high heels to give off a sense of style that you won’t find with any other pair of pants. 

With great height comes great responsibility—to handle all the head turns and second glances. 

Pant Colors and Patterns 

The colors you choose depend entirely on your mood or personality. The more sober lot prefers subtle pastels and solid colors for their palazzos whereas the trendy hipsters like to go all out with bold abstract prints and bright hues. 

Of course, nothing beats the classic appeal or versatility of muted monochromes like the standard black and white. When it comes to pants and specifically palazzos, there’s an awe-striking variety of retro prints that create a 70s’ ambiance with Jacquards and psychedelics. Take your pick and flaunt it whenever you get the chance next. 

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